Join Me in New Orleans – July 9-12

Dr. Toby A. Travis

This summer, I have the honor of providing one of the “PowerTalk” sessions as part of the FACTS/RenWeb Power Conference in New Orleans.

For those of you who already partner with FACTS/RenWeb, or are considering doing so, this is a MUST ATTEND conference; especially as they will be rolling out many new and updated features to their wide-range of school support products and services. In addition, there will be a number of school improvement sessions, including my own.

If you have not yet had the opportunity to either participate in, or host, the TrustED School Leadership Training, then this 60-minute session will provide you, and your school leadership team, a chance to “test-drive” this research-based school improvement training program.

My session will introduce attendees to the following highlights from the TrustED School Leadership Training:

Learning Objectives:

  1. Understand the critical importance of establishing, maintaining, developing (and when necessary), restoring trust.
  2. Identify and reflect on research-based factors that have a direct impact on trust in the school and in the school’s leadership.
  3. Discover specific steps to enhance trust levels among school stakeholders.
  4. Create a practical and actionable plan to address specific factors, which will result in a greater level of trust among stakeholders.

Session Description & Format:

(FRAMEWORK) During the initial portion of the training, an overview is provided on the wide-range of research demonstrating the critical importance of developing and maintaining trust in the school as an organization, and specifically in those who serve as school leaders. Conclusions and observations are founded on my own research, and numerous others, including:

  • Edelman ( – the world’s largest public relations firm and foremost research group on the subject of organizational trust.
  • The Trust Edge Leadership Institute ( – one of the leading providers of professional development training for global corporations (e.g. FedEx, IBM, Verizon, John Deere, Toyota, etc.).
  • Marzano Research ( – an all-inclusive research-into-practice resource center.

The framework identifies twenty-one key responsibilities, which successful and trusted school leaders must manage, as well as eight key characteristics, which must be emulated in order to foster healthy levels of trust.

(INTERACTION) Attendees will utilize a research-based self-assessment tool to identify areas of strength, as well as areas for improvement, when it comes to their own “trust level.” The self-assessment is followed by a guided discussion, which includes video vignettes, role simulations, and other activities. Table groups consider, identify, and share their observations and application of the “trust factors” (i.e., responsibilities and characteristics) to their own school leadership experience.


(TAKE-AWAY) Participants will have the opportunity to create a 90-Day Action Plan in which they can make adjustments to their current personal and organizational practices related to one or two of the “trust factors.”  The plan identifies:

  1. Where they are now in relation to the chosen factor
  2. Where they want to be in 90 days to enhance their level of trust
  3. Why they want to be there (a critical element in the success of any strategic plan)
  4. What next steps they will take immediately following the workshop to implement their plan.

In other words, this session will introduce school leaders to a method of moving from “Best Practice” to contextualized, practical, and actionable “Next Practice.”

Customization & Time Allotment:

The full TrustED training is customizable in length and depth of content, based on the needs of the hosting school and the setting of the session(s). This summer’s Power Conference session is provided as a workshops, lasting just an hour. When hosting the training at your school, the training can include up to two full days of personalized professional development (i.e. 12 hours of instruction) for your school leaders; addressing their specific needs.  For a full description of the TrustED training, download this brochure, and visit

Register Today:

To join me in New Orleans, LA this summer, you will find all of the registration information available at: .

Hope to see you there!

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