The TrustED™ 360 surveys school employees to identify strengths, as well as areas for improvement by school leadership.

The TrustED™ 360 is founded on a large volume of research-based leadership studies, which reveal the direct linkage between trusted leaders and high levels of student achievement (as well as other school-wide benefits). [Read more…]

The TrustED™ 360 provides school leadership teams valuable evaluative data – identifying areas of strength, as well as specific areas to improve their level of trust, which directly impacts student learning, community involvement, and school stability. By gathering qualified input from all school employees, the assessment tool serves as a research-based, data-driven, and measurable guide for the individualized professional development of school leadership teams, within the specific context of their school.

The TrustED™ 360 serves as the basis for the implementation of the TrustED School Leadership Training. The TrustED Training provides clear, practical, and actionable steps to develop 21 essential responsibilities and behaviors of school leaders, which support 8 pillars of trust. [Read more…]

The TrustED™ 360 is practical, cost-effective, easily implemented, and completed by school employees in less than 10 minutes per survey. Test-drive the FREE self-assessment below. Although the self-assessment tool does not necessarily provide authentic statistical data (as does the 360 version), it does provide an opportunity for self-reflection, and familiarization with the questions to be distributed to school employees. Hundreds of school leaders around the world have already benefited from this free resource.

TrustED™ 360 Fees:

  • Set-up Fee: $100 includes basic segmentation (e.g. Elementary, Secondary, Central Services). Additional $50/hour set-up fee for advanced segmentation.
  • Assessment Fee: $3.30 per participant (e.g. a school with 200 employees equals $660 plus set-up fee)

Return On Investment:

  • Highly detailed reports
  • A 30-minute interactive video conference with myself to “unpack” the data, at no additional cost
  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

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To schedule the TrustED 360 for your school, provide the following information or contact SchoolRIGHT, LLC (the official distributor of the survey) directly at 303.339.0050:

“I appreciated the interactive elements of Dr. Travis’ training, as well as the customization driven by the TrustED Assessment. I believe this training is ideal for school leadership teams to complete together the assessment as well as designing a practical action plan.”

Kristopher Brown, Asst. Principal,
Strath Haven High School, Wallingford, PA


To complete the TrustED Self-Assessment, simply click HERE or on the image below. Though statistically less accurate than the TrustED 360, the Self-Assessment is an excellent tool for school leaders to reflect on their own practice (and at no cost). When finished, you will immediately be provided with your individual score.


“I walked out of the TrustED Training with Dr. Travis with fresh new ideas to bring back to my Middle School team. And I loved the self-assessment tool!”

Dr. Dana Blair, Vice Principal, F.W. Holbein Middle School, NJ

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